Complete List of Amazon Book Categories
An Excel file with a complete listing of all Amazon book categories, including both physical books and Kindle ebooks, as of mid 2016.
  Download it (240 KB)
HTML Template for the Google Vizualization API
An HTML template with best-practices boilerplate code for creating a dashboard powered by the Google Visualization API.
  Download it (1 KB)
SQL Server Sample Database
A SQL Server sample database with one table, 10,000 records and multiple data types. I originally made this because I never seemed to have a good one available when I needed to do testing.
  Download it (327 KB)
CSV Test Files For Real World Scenarios
A collection of CSV flat files with quotes, without quotes and Windows, Unix and Mac line breaks. Each file has 1,000 records.
  Download it (415 KB)

Everything above is free, unsupported and covered by the Apache 2.0 License