Jamel Cato

Enjoying the Life of the Mind





I'm an author, an analytics professional and a man interested in ideas. In my personal time not devoted to my family, I write fiction, build technical things and read a lot. I have multiple graduate degrees. I'm a proud Philadelphia native and live in one of its leafy suburbs with my wife and children.

You can connect with me online in the usual places.


10 Personal Questions Not Answered by a Short Bio

What are you really like?

I'm reserved and low-key.

Then how would you endure Hollywood parties if something you wrote was adapted into a movie?

I’d sip Orangina and tell this old industry anecdote:

Two goats are on the back of a Hollywood lot chewing film stock. One goat says, “This film is good.” Then the other one says, “But the movie was better.” They laugh.
Hopefully the people who get that will be the ones working on my adaptation.

What kind of fiction do you write?

Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction and Mysteries. You can read some of my stories on my fiction page.

What's your favorite thing?

Laughing with my children.

What is your biggest regret?

Never following through on my 2005 idea to launch a social network essentially like GoodReads — which launched in 2007 and was acquired by Amazon in 2012 for $200 million.

Are you Woke? [Grammar]

I do it for the Culture.

Which writers have influenced you?

Walter Mosley, Ted Chiang, Toni Morrison and Brandon Sanderson among others.

Physical Book, eBook or Audio Book?

Hmm. That's a tough one. I'm going to say Audio Book because an audio book voiced by a great narrator or a cast of actors adds a level of immersion that the other two formats can't match. Plus you can enjoy an audio book while you do something else.

What is your favorite TV show?

I rarely watch TV. I would rather read.

Which smartphone app can you not live without?

Wunderlist. As a matter of fact, it just reminded me to end this interview and get back to working on my novel.